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The Saudi Ports Handled 187 Million Tons in 2012

The total number of handled cargo in the nine Saudi Ports which are: Jeddah Islamic Port, King Abdul Aziz Port in Dammam, King Fahd Industrial Port in Jubail, King Fahd Industrial Port in Yanbu, Jubail Commercial Port, Ras El Khair Port, Jizan Port and Dhiba Port; reached 187.60 million weight tons (metric) in 2012, it achieved an increase of 13.69 % in comparison with the year 2011 in which the number of handled cargo reached 165 million tons.

Liquid bulk (edible  oil, refined petroleum products, liquid petrochemical products and liquefied natural gas) of which the number reached 70.32 million tons, had the highest amount of increase since it reached 5.1 million tons, followed by containerized cargo that reached 68.39 million tons and which increased 10.2 million tons and finally general cargo that reached 12.90 million tons and with an increase of 3.02 million tons. In addition to the increase of containerized cargo, containers have also increased in numbers and reached 6.63 million TEU, an increase of 0.93 million TEU and transshipment containers number also increased and reached 329497 transshipment containers.

Imports and exports maintained their rate of the total number of cargo without any change from the year 2011.

On the other hand, Red Sea Ports handled 195.4 million tons in 2012 while
Arabian Gulf Ports handled 82.2 million tons and Commercial Ports handled 102.1 million tons while Industrial Ports handed 85.5 million tons.  individually, Jeddah Islamic Port handled 62.7 million tons, followed by King Fahd Industrial Port in Jubail that handled 45.9 million tons, then King Fahd Industrial Port in Yanbu that handled 37.5 million tons and finally King Abdul Aziz Port in Dammam that handled 27.4 million tons.